Sunday, October 16, 2011

Who owns US?

The Keystone XL is a great project, and with all great projects, there are a few losers.  But surely a lot of winners, right?

So a few farmers will lose their land.  So a few construction workers will get temp jobs.  So everybody's gas prices will go up.  So everybody's food prices will go up.

But it's worth it . . . if you are the Koch Brothers.

"The Koch brothers own nearly all of Wichita, Kan.-based Koch Industries, the second-largest private company in the United States. The energy and manufacturing conglomerate earns an estimated $100 billion in annual revenue from its network of subsidiaries—a mix of oil, gas, pipeline, chemical, fertilizer and paper and pulp companies. In addition to its Canadian operation, Koch's Flint Hills subsidiary operates oil refineries in Alaska, Texas and Minnesota as well as a dozen fuel terminals in the Midwest and Texas.
"The Koch brothers have donated millions to Republican candidates and conservative movements, bankrolling groups involved in Tea Party causes and in campaigns to deny climate change science and the need for cleaner energy. Through their Flint Hills subsidiary, they underwrote the failed 2010 ballot initiative that would have suspended California's landmark law capping greenhouse gases.
. . .
"At the other end of the proposed Keystone XL supply chain, in the Texas refining corridor, Koch Industries has been upgrading its Corpus Christi refinery to be able to handle harder-to-process blends of tar sands, according to industry reports."

The Koch Brothers can't lose, so how could the taxpayers refuse the Keystone XL?

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