Monday, December 5, 2011

What Can We Do to Get To The Future?

At least 30 years ago, futurists were telling America to expect the CAR OF THE FUTURE.
It would be small, efficient, well-designed, and safe.  It might drive itself.  It might chain onto other cars for public transport.  It might be rentable a neighborhood stations for an affordable fee.  You would no longer drive a 5,000 pound noisy, smelly gorilla to the grocery store for a loaf of bread and a jug of milk.  It would fit into small parking spaces.  It might even be electric.. . .

Whatever happened to that car, and that dream?

Check out

The Atlantic Meets the Pacific: Exploring Energy

A discussion of how America can meet its energy needs, including automobile fuels, with a lot less oil, a lot more safety, health, and affordability for Americans.  

Because, in the long run, the conflict over the Keystone XL was about using more and more oil with less and less efficiency.  This is silly.  It's fundamentally unAmerican (and unCanadian).  We are the guys with the know-how, the rolled up sleeves and the fix-it history.  Finding great new ways to keep us prosperous, warm, and on the go are just waiting for Americans to demand real solutions for the future, not just more and more of less and less (oil).

Listen to this lively and exciting discussion of what we could do.  Soon.