Contacting Legislators on Nebraska's Special Session Bill

The location of any oil pipeline is within the jurisdiction of individual states.  It is not a federal decision.
Citizens of Nebraska must demand that their governor and legislature re-route the pipeline so that it does not jeopardize agriculture, the primary economic activity of the state.

Here's how to contact the state legislature by email .

Locate individual senators: 

Contact Governor Dave Heinemann.

Sen. Bill Avery's letter to President Obama and Secretary Clinton

The federal officials who can speak out and influence other federal officials are:
  Sen. Mike Johanns
  Sen. Ben Nelson

Rep. Lee Terry (Omaha) has consistently supported the pipeline and every action of TransCanada.  You can contact him at 
More on Terry's support for TransCanada at GrassRoots.

Rep. Jeff Fortenberry (Lincoln)  has defended the citizens of Nebraska.
Fortenberry also voted in support of failed amendments that would have noted the risks to the Ogallala Acquifer, required additional review of the dangers of transporting diluted bitumen, demanded a plan from TransCanada on addressing a worst-case scenario oil spill, opposed market manipulation that could result from the pipeline, and moved back the deadline for a final decision until January 1, 2012.  In each of these votes, Fortenberry stood alone in Nebraska's House delegation while Congressman Terry led the way in silencing the voice of Nebraska landowners and Congressman Adrian Smith voted right along with him against the fullest and fairest review of the environmental impact on our state's most precious natural resource. --
 Rep. Adrian Smith expressed "concerns" about the pipeline (that's code for "I don't want to take a stand on this issue). According to his campaign, he has “fought to protect our local farmers and ranchers from onerous government regulations which threaten to take away their land and their livelihood.”  If so, maybe he should be fighting "eminent domain" and foreign corporations that threaten Nebraska's farmers. 

Contact these lawmakers.  Tell them to protect Nebraska's agriculture by making the Sandhills off-limits to any future oil pipelines, including the Keystone XL.

The clock is ticking.  Do it today.