Sunday, October 16, 2011

What Do Canadians Think?

    Canadians are paying more attention to this pipeline music than Americans.  But they're not all marching to the tune.
     Recently Canada's largest energy workers association, the Communications, Energy, and Paperworks Union (CEP),  informed the Ottawa government that they oppose the Keystone XL.  Wha-a-t?  How can that be? Because the Keystone XL favors American workers over Canadians, although, as we see from other news, it doesn't really favor Americans, either.  "According to union president Dave Coles, the pipeline is actually a 'jobs killer' in Canada because it will carry untreated crude to American refineries instead of having the resource turned into fuel and chemicals here. In fact, he cited a new study that estimates Canada will lose 40,500 direct and indirect jobs because of the increased export of raw bitumen."
      To be clear, it will also be, in the long run, a jobs killer in America, too.  The cost of gasoline is expected to rise about 20 cents a gallon.  Just what a depressed economy needs.

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  1. everybody has a right to an opinion, what I do not like is that you are spreading your beliefs
    with lies and exaggerations.

  2. This was in the Winnepeg Free Press:
    Unions in Canada have come out against Keystone because they say it would ship high-paying refining and upgrading jobs south of the border along with the raw bitumen.

    Dave Coles, president of the Communications, Energy and Paperworkers Union of Canada, cheered the decision to delay a pipeline he called a "job killer."

    "We have stepped back from the abyss," he said.

    The Alberta Federation of Labour was also pleased with the delay, saying "it will give the Redford government an opportunity to pursue value-added opportunities here at home, rather than shipping unprocessed bitumen south for upgrading."


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