Saturday, October 15, 2011

In Bed and Enjoying it

The State Department has been allegedly conducting an inquiry into whether the Keystone XL pipeline is in the national interests.
     So who  was the choice for writing the Environmental Impact Statement?  Who received citizens' comments on the pipeline?  Who now has a list of all the names, email addresses, and personal information on every person who has expressed a view contrary to that of TransCanada?
     It is none other than TransCanada's Number One Choice to help them get exactly what they want, down to the punctuation marks.  Cardno ENTRIX.  Cardno Entrix says TransCanada is a "major client."  Cardno Entrix even maintains the State Department's web page, where you, the unsuspecting citizen, can find out what Cardno Entrix and the State Department want you to know about this project, and where you could have registered your opinion until October 9, 2011.
     Cardno Entrix also organized the pipeline hearings and arranged to transport pipeline proponents hundreds of miles to get favored positions in line at the hearings.
      As the spokeswoman for the State Department said with a broad smile at the close of the hearings, Thank You for Participating in American Democracy.  
     Yup, just like participating in voting for any dictator.  You get to vote, but you know there's only one choice.

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